• Diversity Equity & Inclusion

      At the McKinney Chamber, we are guided by our mission to “Lead, Connect, and Empower our Stakeholders to Advance Business and Community Excellence”. Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is critical to our work.

      Since 2019, the McKinney Chamber has been intentionally working to deepen our commitment to the work of DEI.



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    (MIC) McKinney Inclusion Council New Logo and description here 

    Purpose: Amplify diverse voices to drive equitable and inclusive business outcomes across the region. 





    During the 4-session, in-person program, participants will gain competencies in:

    • Foundational diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts, including terminology
    • Identifying and interrupting conscious and unconscious biases  
    • Building the business case for diversity
    • Equitable hiring, recruiting, and onboarding practices 
    • Acknowledging and interrupting microaggressions in the workplace 
    • Solving a unique DEI related problem of practice at your workplace with your cohort and DEI consultant
    • Developing DEI goals for long-term success at your organization and as a coalition working to advance the work within the community.
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  • Why DEI? Kuma Roberts, Arrowhead Consulting