• Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    At the McKinney Chamber, we are guided by our mission to "Lead, Connect, and Empower our Stakeholders to Advance Business and Community Excellence". Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is critical to our work. 

    Since 2019, the McKinney Chamber has been intentionally working to deepen our commitment to the work of DEI.


    See our full DEI Board Task Force Timeline

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  • The McKinney Chamber of Commerce is an advocate for the McKinney business community and proudly serves as the unified business voice of McKinney. The Chamber, which celebrated its Centennial in 2014, represents over 40,000 employees from more than 1,100 business investors in McKinney and throughout the North Texas region. With a rich heritage of leadership and collaboration, the Chamber works in concert with the City of McKinney, community partners, and the corporate community to promote, advocate for and expand the business.

    Purpose: Amplify diverse voices to drive equitable and inclusive business outcomes across the region. 


  • During the 4-session, in-person program, participants will gain competencies in:

    • Foundational diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts, including terminology
    • Identifying and interrupting conscious and unconscious biases  
    • Building the business case for diversity
    • Equitable hiring, recruiting, and onboarding practices 
    • Acknowledging and interrupting microaggressions in the workplace 
    • Solving a unique DEI related problem of practice at your workplace with your cohort and DEI consultant
    • Developing DEI goals for long-term success at your organization and as a coalition working to advance the work within the community.


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    "As a community builder, it is our job is to help make sure that our community has a strong, interwoven fabric that serves as its backbone. Diversity gives us great ideas, thoughts, and perspectives, but making sure that everyone in McKinney has the chance and space to be the best version of themselves and live a truly authentic life requires that we consider equity and inclusion as well."

    - Lisa Hermes, CCE, IOM, President/CEO 

  • "DE&I is critically important, ensuring everyone has the respect and economic opportunity that enables people to succeed and our community to thrive."

    - Nate Pike, AWMA®, Chair - Board of Directors



  • "DE&I is important for McKinney and Texas because it demonstrates how important the new and emerging diverse communities can play a part in contributing to the success of our growing Texas market and economy."

    - Don McKneely, President - Business News Group, DEI Task Force Chair


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