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    McKinney is a friendly, inviting North Texas community with warm people, beautiful tree-lined streets, diverse residential neighborhoods, outstanding educational opportunities, a robust business environment, an excellent regional airport, a vibrant Historic Downtown Square and a strong sense of civic pride.

    These unique characteristics continue to draw people to McKinney, which has remained one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States since 2000, according to the U.S. Census with a current population of more than 155,000. Recent accolades include McKinney being ranked No. 1 on Money Magazine's Best Places to Live in the country (2014 issue). Factors taken into account included employment, schools, crime and safety, and overall quality of life, including community pride. According to the listing, McKinney's Historic Downtown and hometown spirit set the city apart from the rest of suburban America. This accolade complements those McKinney has also received from Forbes, Best Life Magazine, CNN Money and others.

    City of McKinney

    While many factors combine to make McKinney a truly special place in America, it is the people of McKinney who bring these vibrant qualities to life. Our community spirit is embodied in a friendly, safe, inviting city that holds strong ties to its roots and history, while enjoying rapid economic development. The city continually adds new amenities that complement and expand our unique quality of life. This is McKinney, Texas, and we are Unique by Nature. Visit mckinneytexas.org.

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