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    Earlier this month I had the opportunity to hear former Prime Minister David Cameron speak. In light of what has happened with the “Brexit” vote and his role as a leader of the UK during a trying recession, the conversation was informative and insightful (and who doesn’t like a British accent?).
    His appearance at the Collin County Business Alliance’s fifth anniversary lunch was appropriate as the organization was focused on the future of globalization and trade. And his views as a self-proclaimed compassionate conservative gave the attendees food for thought.
    What resonated with me the most was Cameron’s answer to a difficult question posed from the audience. I’m paraphrasing the question which basically asked if he regretted his decision to resign after the referendum didn’t go in the direction he adamantly believed it should have. His response was profound. In his opinion there are three things you have to have to be successful in politics:
    1. Credibility
    2. Passion
    3. Willingness to do what you think is right
    I think that applies to more than politics. Our communities, businesses, civic and charitable organizations, churches, etc. have a need for catalytic leadership. And the recipe is so simple. It’s having the credibility coupled with a deep desire and passion to do what you believe is the right thing. It’s also having the humility to know when it might not be your role to lead. Cameron pointed out that he believes there is another leader who can help transition the country he so loves through these new unchartered waters.
    I would be curious to hear what you think. What do you believe makes someone a good leader? What traits do you admire in others and try to emulate in yourself? 

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