• Ambassador Spotlight - Sarah McCutchan

    Name of Business: McCutchan Advisory Services

    Location: McKinney near downtown

    Tell us about your business: McCutchan Advisory Services delivers quality bookkeeping, business consulting, taxes planning, tax filing and tax resolution for individuals and businesses. Our firm got started because of the need for smaller businesses to streamline their processes to create breakthrough success. Most business owners are not accountants, causing the accounting department to be ignored. That is where we come in. Our goal is to help our clients become successful by providing good accounting. We also love to learn the best tax strategies to increase tax deductions and pass that knowledge onto our clients.

    How have you benefited from being an Ambassador- or comment about your experience - Why are you an Ambassador?: I enjoy learning about the new businesses coming to McKinney and about the changes that are occurring in the city.

    Tell us about your involvement in the community:  My involvement with being an ambassador, working closely with local businesses and helping out local non-profits.

    What are your hobbies:  Playing video and board games, cooking, making soaps and candles, and reading the Bible.

    Tell us a little about you and your family:

    1. Husband of 4 years in IT Security, enjoys Mui Thai, grew up in Alaska until he was 10 before moving to Texas, so he is outsdoorsy, super handy, and nerdy at the same time.
    2. 11 year old son who loves playing the guitar, saxophone, football, and enjoys reading and going to church.
    3. 17 year old daughter who will be 18 in October, senior at McKinney High. Her big dreams are to become a nail technician and esthetician.
    4. Two dogs – lab mix named Buster and standard poodle named Mazzie Truffle.
    5. Two cats – Nefertiti – grey domestic short hair who plays fetch and loves to meow loudly when she “kills” a stuffed animal keychain lion even if it’s 2am, until someone comes and tells good job! And Soul Crusher Fluffy Butt (husbands cat) that is a calico with half of her face black and white and the other tri color with brown. So spoiled she has birthday parties with cake.
    6. Soon to have another cat – Patches (cousin of Soul Crusher Fluffy Butt) where she has the mixed coloring around one eye.

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