• Tahiti’s Breeze Receives a Patent for Overwater Bungalows

    Tahiti’s Breeze receives a patent for its overwater bungalows. This utility patent brings tropical experiences, most associated with the French Polynesian islands, to tropical deserts.

    What is an overwater bungalow? It is a building on stilts in the middle of a large body of water.
    The unique feature of the patent is the method of construction. Buildings are currently not built inside and above pools. They are built over natural bodies of water, like oceans and lakes. Constructing buildings in this manner enables more people in more locations to access them.

    Overwater bungalows are a key component for Tahiti’s Breeze’s tropical adventure pool resort park to give visitors an exotic, tropical experience, like the island of Tahiti. The company will feature them throughout the resort for overnight stays and other activities. 

    “Waking up and looking out your window to a sea of blue water is peaceful, joyful, rejuvenating, and healing for the mind, body, and spirit. You can sip coffee on the patio while watching and listening to the waves dance by just a few feet away,” said Lynn Ware, CEO of Tahiti’s Breeze. 

    According to Lonely Planet, a travel guide publisher, overwater bungalows are:

    • The ultimate luxury escape
    • Something unique and special
    • Creating transformative journeys
    • A worldwide craze and demand is outstripping supply
    Tahiti’s Breeze is creating exotic tropical experiences that are not limited to geographical location. “You will feel like you’re on a faraway island, even if you live in a tropical desert. You don’t have to travel far to escape to paradise. It’s all about the experience and how it makes you feel,” said Ware. The company is planning to open its first location in the Dallas metropolitan area.