• McKinney Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Nominating Committee Propose Slate of Candidates

    The McKinney Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has appointed a nominating committee to propose a slate of five Board candidates for the Chamber’s Board of Directors. As outlined in the bylaws, the five Chamber Members in good standing will be proposed to serve a three-year term beginning in January of 2020.
    The slate of candidates they recommend are:
    1.) James Craig, Craig International
    2.) Barbara Delk, Community Impact
    3.) John Manganilla, Atmos Energy
    4.) Nate Pike, Utter Wealth Management
    5.) Derrick Robinson, Alliance of Elite Youth Leadership
    Per the bylaws, additional names of candidates for Directors can be nominated by petition bearing the signature of at least ten voting members of the Chamber. Such petition shall be filed with the Nominating Committee within ten days after notice has been given of the names of those nominated. The determination of the Nominating Committee as to the legality of the petition(s) filed shall be final.
    If no petition is filed within the designated period, the nominations shall be closed and the nominated slate shall be declared elected by the Executive Committee at their next regularly scheduled meeting.
    The function of the Board is to determine the organization’s objectives, policies and programs as the organization works to fulfill its mission To Lead, Connect, and Empower our Stakeholders to Advance Business and Community Excellence. The Board analyzes and evaluates the overall effectiveness of the Chamber and is entrusted with providing for the long-range financial sustainability.