• McKinney Voters Say No to Airport Expansion Proposal

    The $200 million proposition to fund an expansion at McKinney National Airport included plans for a proposed terminal that would bring in commercial airlines for passenger services. The proposed terminal would be 144,000 square feet and include four gates with room to grow to 16 gates and 2,000 parking spaces. The design team, which included members of both City Council and city staff, aimed to curate a convenient experience, with enhanced passenger amenities, such as play areas for children near gates, dining, and retail options.

    Despite the promising proposal, a majority of McKinney voters cast their ballot against the Proposition A to fund the expansion at McKinney National Airport. The results showed that voters against the bond represented 58.69% of votes cast, totaling 12,822. While the number of votes in favor of the proposition totaled 9,024, or 41.31%.

    “While the failure of the bond issue to bring commercial passenger service to McKinney National Airport is undoubtedly disappointing, it is important for us understand why the voters choose not to pass the bond,” said McKinney Chamber of Commerce President, Lisa Hermes. “We learned through this process that we need to educate the community about the airport and what benefits bringing commercial passenger serve would mean. This outcome should not deter us from our shared vision of transforming the airport into a regional hub of economic growth and connectivity and be the catalyst to engage the community in a meaningful way that we can envision the future of the airport together.”