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    Progressive Waste Solutions is proud to announce its seventeenth year as the City of McKinney’s solid waste and recycling service provider. The City of McKinney’s solid waste contract was awarded to us in 1996 during our first year of business. This was the first stepping stone in our road to becoming the 3rd largest non-hazardous solid waste service provider in North America. The growth over the past 17 years has been extensive and the City of McKinney has played a much appreciated role. With this growth comes a new era for our company; a new era of sustainability, progress, as well as new solid waste and recycling solutions beginning with a rebranding effort. IESI is now operating under the name Progressive Waste Solutions Tx, Inc. We are the same company carrying on with the same values, integrity, quality of service, and personnel: we simply have new vision and new brand for the future and we are proud to be a part of this community.