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    About Us

    Solstice Southwest is changing the landscape of psychiatry by treating the family. Solstice incorporates positive reinforcement, structure, integrative psychiatry, case management, and trauma informed care to improve the following:
    • Resilience in Stress
    • Mood
    • Human connection

    Historically, Texas has lacked labor, innovation and consistency to meet emergent psychiatric needs. In the next 7 years, Solstice services will address these needs to make Texas the nation’s pinnacle for the psychiatric standard of care.

    To raise Texas’ rank of mental health accessibility from 49th to 1st place in the Nation, we will serve adolescents and adults through:
    • Acute Inpatient Care
    • Partial Hospitalization Program | 8 hours of clinical + medical care 5 days per week
    • Intensive Outpatient Program | 3-4 hours of clinical + medical services 5 days per week
    • Solstice Academy | PHP + Academic Cooperatives
    • Outpatient Care | Psychiatry, MeRT, Therapy