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    Princess Promise provides holistic, Christ-centered care for vulnerable girls in Sierra Leone, Africa, empowering them to live abundant lives in Christ. We are committed to creating an environment for complete healing and restoration.

    Through counseling, tutoring, skills training, and Christ-centered mentoring, a new path is paved to spur these young girls to become leaders of their generation. Princess Promise provides young girls with programs that educate, empower, disciple, and promote healing.

    Contributions to Princess Promise fund the girls’ physical and spiritual needs, including the safe houses, and the salaries of the staff who care for them. Our desire is to empower these precious girls so they have the opportunity to turn something tragic into a victory with the help of our Lord Jesus. We offer tools that allow these girls to learn and flourish as The Lord made them, empowering them to become strong women of God. With God’s guidance, we can turn tragedy into something of hope for the young girls of Sierra Leone.


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