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    About Us

    Blue Sprig is on a mission to change the world for all children with autism.

    We're founded on 'what if?' What if we focus on quality services? What if we are a leader in ABA research? What if we are strong advocates for the rights of all children with autism? Instead of choosing, we're pursuing all three together - that's the Blue Sprig difference.

    We will not stop investing. We will not stop researching. We will not stop building the world’s greatest team of clinicians, until all children, everywhere, are receiving the services they truly deserve and so desperately need.Our playing field is level for all.

    We welcome why, and why not?
    We are judicious, not judgmental.
    We are compassionate and passionate.
    We embrace the rules, not the status quo.
    We are puzzle solvers on a mission.

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    Supporting our neighbors, Alpha Omega Gymnastics, at their grand opening. They are just a few doors down and  we are partnering together to provide open gym time. Ask about this special offer during your tour!
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