• Full-Time IT In-House Manager

    Posted: 03/31/2021

    SUMMARY: Manages computing and information technology strategic plans, policies, programs and schedules for business/financial processing, computer services, network communications, telephony, and management information services to accomplish Meals on Wheels Collin County (MOWCC) Regional Non-Profit goals and objectives.

    • Promotes and upholds the ideal objective to fully take care of our volunteers and employees under all circumstances.
    • Implements technology, data agreements, and technology-related procedures, programs, and policies.
    • Develops and manages computing and information technology strategic plans, policies, and programs.
    • Supports Finance and Communications departments with the selection, purchase, implementation, usage, and maintenance of hardware and software. Including but not limited to the following:
      • Evaluates technology and recommends cost-effective enhancements.
      • Works with finance department to recommend, develop, plan, and purchase hardware and software.
      • Assists finance department in negotiating contracts with consultants, technical personnel, and vendors.
      • Liaison to service provider and other technology vendors.
    • Supports staff and volunteers in technology issues/needs, including but not limited to:
      • Performs maintenance and upgrades on all workstations, laptops, tablets, phone system, servers and software.
      • Provides technology for all departments so goals can be easily achieved.
      • Supports communications, LAN, WAN, and all users.
      • Supports website design, video conferencing, telephony, imaging, communications (internal and external), hardware, and application software.
      • Provides customer support to customer-based technology.
      • Supports IT-related Grants projects.
    • Ensures data security and integrity, including but not limited to the following:
      • Directs information and data integrity. Ensures security of information systems, communication, and equipment.
      • Performs risk assessment on Information Technology, vendors, and other organizational functions.
      • Manages backup, storage, and retrieval functions.
      • Manages firewalls.
      • Develops, maintains, and tests disaster recovery plans.
      • Enforces policies to maintain data security.
      • Reports to the CEO on information security.
    • Designs and implements network topologies for IT related construction.
    • Operates on-site and off-site with volunteers and employees.
    • Supports Business Development functions.
    • Supports MOWCC fundraising, Open House, Golf Tournament, etc.
    • Performs backup as needed for various functions.
    • Completes training requirements and performs duties within procedures, laws and regulations.
    • Performs other related duties as assigned by management.
    This position has no supervisory responsibilities.
    • Technology degree; three years related experience or equivalent combination of education and experience.