• CSR/Dispatcher

    Job Description
    Job Summary
    Our company is growing rapidly and we are seeking a Dispatcher/CSR to partner with us to provide the best possible experience for out technicians and clients.  In this position the Dispatcher/CSR will be responsible for all scheduling and customer service processes.  They will evecute various administrative tasks to ensure quality of service. 

    Duties and Resposibilities
    • Assisting is taking all incoming and outgoing client calls, recognizing that this is where the client will form their first impression a of the company.  Good communication with the client is essential: Make she that taking care of the clients takes higher priority than any other task and that clients are enthusiastic about how they are treated.  Have a courteous and pleasant demeanor whether on a phone call or not.  Know that courteousness affects other team members' spirits. 
    • Manages other job-specific clerical needs: travel arrangements, meeting or event planning, scheduleing, report compilation, calendarmanagement, telephone coverage, or other, as needed. 
    • Manage dispatch board to keep field personnel on the move and generating revenue.  Make every effort to compress call scheduling effectively and maximize productivity. 
    • Seeks and finds all rescources needed to effectively accomplish a task, assignment or event bringing all together into an organized and successful endevor. 
    • Demonstrates organizational courage, seeing and accepting reality and doing what must be done to ensure profitability or organizational survival.  
    • Listens well and seeks to understand even with disagreeable persons. 
    • Overcomes objections, offers alternatives, presists ad closes while maintaining rapport. 
    • Seeks understanding and clarification on change rational and shares appropriately.  
    • Within team, fulfills own role and can be counted on.  Steps up to assist others of support team as needed. 
    • High school diploma or equivalent. 
    • Working knowledge of Microsoft Suite
    • Capable of managing and prioritizing both everyday responsibilities and broad level, longer term objectives. 
    • Demonstrates personal initiative and indepentent motivation.  Is action and results-oriented. 
    • Applies logic and sound critical thinking to astutely evaluate persented materials, data, or positions. 
    • Seeks growth opportunities; self-motivated to develop expertise or gain new skills or knowledge. 
    • Has values aligned with the company and/or societal values and acts accordingly. 
    • Maintains focus and positive attitude amidst change or under pressure while exhibiting a passion and excitement for their work. 
    Working Conditions
    This position is fast paced and requires strong time management skills as well as ability to handle high volume workloadd while functioning well under pressure.  THis position has many smaill tasks that require a high level of quality and attention to detail. 

    Physical Requirements
    Must have the ability to complete basic administrative tasks and lift items up to 25 pounds. 

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