• We need your thoughts on generations in the workplace (we know you have an opinion on this!)

    Generations in the workplace is a dynamic and often misunderstood topic. From comments like 'these millennials expect a trophy just for showing up to work', 'Why is my Gen X boss so cynical and frustrated?' or 'Baby Boomers live to work. Why do they insist on 15 meetings a day?'--stereotypes and generalizations abound when it comes to each generation.
    How do you dispel these generalizations and stereotypes? Through careful research and analysis you can begin to re-write the conversation. We have partnered with DFW speaker and researcher, Libby Spears, founder of Bravo cc to start changing the conversation. Libby and her team are dedicated to better understanding how generations impact work and our professional relationships. Her perspective 'generations should be the source of or greatest strength not our biggest headache' is one that we believe in too. 
    Starting today, Bravo cc is offering their annual survey to all our members. You can go to Bravo cc Generations in the Workplace Survey to complete the survey. The results of the survey will be shared with our membership in March of 2017. To say thank you for your participation, we will draw a member who completes the survey to win a gift card to Snug and will announce the winner in March. 
    Meet Bravo cc
    Bravo cc provides game changing training and development for organizations who place value on continued learning. The Bravo cc team designs and delivers keynotes, workshops, coaching and off the shelf training solutions for topics that tackle communication, leadership and employee engagement. 
    Founder Libby Spears started Bravo cc after a successful chapter of her professional career in the university setting, teaching in the communication studies departments at The University of North Texas and Texas Christian University. Today, she works with organizations like JCPenney, Gamestop, Accenture, Amway and others who know that one of the best retention strategies for keeping talented employees is to provide them with continuous opportunities to learn and grow. For the last five years, as training and development has made it’s way back into organizational budgets and the challenge to recruit and retain talented team members has become more magnified, Bravo cc has seen an explosion in leadership programs for up and coming leaders.
    Libby facilitates numerous leadership programs across the United States for young professionals. These programs have informed the way she thinks about how organizations can appeal to talented millennials who are looking for an organization that reflects their own values and beliefs about work. Likewise, Libby has coached numerous executives and has developed insights into the challenges facing decision makers and persons of influence in their organization. 
    Recently Bravo cc has expanded the research side of the business knowing that we must always be learning more about any topic we offer. In 2016/2017, the Bravo cc team is tackling generations in the workplace.  
    You can learn more about Libby and Bravo cc by visiting our website at www.bravocc.com 

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