• Public transportation moves forward with limited use

    The following is a press release from the City of McKinney regarding public transit:

    McKINNEY, Texas (April 10, 2017) – The McKinney Urban Transit District board voted on policies to re-establish limited public transportation services in the McKinney Urbanized Area during their Wednesday board meeting. The Urban Transit District board currently includes all members of City Council and representatives from Celina, Lowry Crossing, Melissa and Princeton.
    The board voted on a hybrid plan allowing for a taxi voucher program to begin within the next 90 days and dedicated demand response service when vehicles are acquired. The data gathered from the taxi voucher program will allow the board to better determine the level of demand for public transit services within the McKinney Urbanized Area. Taxi services under a voucher program allow qualified recipients to determine their own schedule rather than having to wait on a fixed route service.  Moreover, taxi vouchers empower the users to scale up or down their own needs for transit depending on their own circumstances. 
    The policies established by the board will provide limited public transit services for seniors 65 years and over and individuals with disabilities as defined by the Urban Transit District. The board also directed staff to amend this policy to potentially include consideration for citizens in hardship situations.
    For more information on public transit in McKinney, visit the city’s website.

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