• DOL Overtime Rule on hold - for now

    You probably heard by now that the Department of Labor's new Overtime Rule, that was to take effect December 1st, has been currently placed on hold. 

    On November 23rd federal judge Amos Mazzant issued a preliminary injunction to block an effort to make millions more workers eligible for overtime pay.  The overtime rule, promulgated by the Department of Labor, represented an unprecedented doubling of the minimum salary threshold for executive, administrative or professional employees exempt from the overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act.   “We are pleased with the decision to issue an injunction, halting the implementation of the Department of Labor’s proposed overtime rule,” said McKinney Chamber President Lisa Hermes.  “The overtime rule as proposed would have placed undue pressure, unnecessarily burdened employers and had a negative impact on many employees."

    Along with businesses the new rule would have had a harsh impact on not-for-profits and associations including chambers of commerce.  “This rule would have had an impact on our chamber staff.  Further, the rule would have effectively eliminated the ability of many people to volunteer stretching organizational resources and squelching the spirit of volunteerism that makes our communities great.  That is why the McKinney Chamber of Commerce felt it was imperative to be a part of the business coalition that included the Texas Association of Business, U.S. Chamber and others to support blocking the rule," Hermes said.
    The injunction provides immediate relief from potential negative impacts for employers.  It also represents a new starting place to evaluate the issue with a more measured approach.  “We are appreciative for Judge Mazzant making what we feel is an excellent decision”, said Hermes, "we look forward to continuing to create the best business climate and work environment possible for all.”


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