• Ambassador Spotlight - Meagen Webb

    Name of Business or Organization 
    New York Life


    Tell us about your business
    My work with New York Life focuses on two aspects: Long Term Care planning and small business group benefits. The reason being: I worked in long term care for 10 years prior to my career change, so I know all the things that aid me in assisting pre-retirement age couples and individuals to make sure there are no blind spots in their retirement. Additionally, I love working with the community and small business owners, which is why group benefits is so enjoyable.


    How you have benefited from being an Ambassador?
    I’ve been an ambassador for a month, so the benefits have yet to be revealed; but I do love being involved in the Chamber of Commerce, as it’s so full of wonderful people, and I love having the opportunity to reach out and share the love to our members.


    Tell us about your involvement in the Community?
    Well, this is tricky, considering the climate, but of course the Chamber is a huge involvement for me. I volunteer where I can when our members notify us of opportunities (The Bier Walk was particularly fun enterprise); additionally, my work is directly involved with the community.


    What are your hobbies? 
    Yoga, reading, bird-watching (seriously), playing with animals, hiking, tending to my house plants, cooking/baking/cocktail-making, crafting, etc, etc.


    Tell us a bit about yourself and your family. 
    I was born in Dallas, raised in Mesquite, and the majority of my immediate family are all still in the area, aside from my sister and mom, who are in Oregon. I’m a single mom to a 17 year old son who is a junior at Independence HS, and he is my greatest accomplishment and a damn delight.

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