• Ambassador Spotlight - Kelsey Gleason

    Name of Business: Educated Bookkeeping, LLC

    Location: McKinney, TX

    Tell us about your business: We are a bookkeeping firm serving small business owners in the metroplex in a wide variety of industries. We value creating a partnership with the businesses we serve and investing in the success of their company beyond just the accounting. We are a firm of two and value being able to provide our clients with a really personalized experience that is customized to meet the needs of their business. Behind every successful business is a great bookkeeper and we strive every day to be that for our clients.

    How have you benefited from being an Ambassador- or comment about your experience - Why are you an Ambassador?: I became an Ambassador because I was looking for an avenue in the community that focused more on service and less on the 30 second commercials that are the primary focus of most networking events. I love that this organization focuses on outreach to membership, cheering on and supporting new businesses in the community and serving as volunteers for community events. Serving and supporting small businesses is a cornerstone of our firm and why I love my job. The Ambassadors has just opened up the opportunity to do that on a bigger scale.

    Tell us about your involvement in the community: I was a public school teacher for 20 years, 12 of those were spent in the McKinney community. It was an amazing opportunity to serve the youth and families of my community. I currently volunteer with a handful of small non-profits in the community. Owning my own business has allowed me greater flexibility to serve those organizations to a greater degree.

    What are your hobbies? I’m an avid reader, love to cook, work in my garden, play the piano and hang out with my dogs. Probably the most unique hobby I have is judging marching band and winterguard competitions 20 weekends out of the year. It affords me the opportunity to travel and allows me the chance to celebrate the art created in that community. I’ve been a part of that community in one way or another for 30 years and it’s great to still be able to connect with lifelong friends through those activities.

    Tell us a little about you and your family: My immediate family consists of my boyfriend of three and a half years and our three dogs. The oldest is a 12 year old boxer mix that has special needs, the middle one is 10, a mutt and the quirkiest of the bunch and the last one is an 8 year old white German shepherd who is the most perfect dog I’ve ever met.

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